The first time you open Text Express, a Player Profile is created and connected to an ID number. You can see this ID at the bottom of the screen when starting the game.
Your player profile holds your save game data, such as your level progress and (limited) purchase history, and is securely stored online in the cloud ⛅.
Thanks to your Player Profile you can:
- Continue your journey at the destination you visited last
- Continue a level midway, even if you've closed the game
- Transfer your save game data to another device (using Facebook login)
- Receive GameHouse Original Stories Subscriber benefits (if applicable)

💪 Your profile, you are in control

You can view your Player Profile for the main menu (cogwheel ⚙️) and tapping on Player Profile.
There are a couple of options available here:
Sign in with Facebook
Connect your Text Express Player Profile to your Facebook account. This will safeguard your data, even if your phone is broken or lost. It will also allow you to transfer your save game data to another device if you wish to play on that. This is useful when switching to a new phone with the same or a different operating system.
Sign in with Apple ID or Google Account
Alternatively, you can sign in with your Apple ID or Google Account. These methods provide the same benefits as signing in with Facebook, except you do not have the ability to transfer your data to a different operating system.
Privacy and Data
Find info here about how Text Express uses your data and ad preferences.

💡 Good to know

The save game data does not include any private information of you, we have no intent or means to collect individual and private data.  We do - on occasion - analyze bulk data to make sure we're creating the best possible levels, and that everything runs as smoothly as possible.
Also, when you reach out to us with an issue, we might ask for your ID. With your ID we can deep dive into the issue and help you with your issue.