Daily and Weekly challenges are unlocked at Tilly Level 20 and give a whole new spin to playing Text Express.

You can find the Daily and Weekly challenges in the main screen on the right side.

Daily challenges

Every day there are 3 challenges to complete. Completing each challenge provides extra Tilly XP on top of your own allowance.

Complete all daily challenges before the day is over and you'll be rewarded with an extra prize!

Daily challenges will be refreshed daily and each day you can add extra Tilly XP and try to unlock the day's extra prize.  

Weekly challenges

The weekly challenges are similar to Daily challenges, but even more challenging! They offer a large amount of extra Tilly XP for completing each individual challenge. But don't worry if you can't complete them in a day, you have a complete week to try and complete these challenges.

Weekly challenges will be different each week, offering a fresh take on your favorite word game.  

If you are up for a challenge and are able to complete all the Weekly challenges before the week ends, you'll unlock the week's extra prize.