What is Tilly XP?

Tilly XP is the way to progress through Text Express. It allows you to unfold many of Tilly's adventures by leveling up Tilly! Each Level-Up will unlock something special:
  • Discover new destinations
  • Unlock new game features
  • Access extra gifts and train parts
Level Up with Tilly

How to add progress to Tilly XP?

Each session you will start with a full stash of Tilly Tokens.  You earn these Tilly Tokens by playing levels. The amount of Tilly Tokens you receive is the amount of Tokens you add to the Tilly XP and brings you closer to the next Tilly Level.
  • All levels and gameplay types add to Tilly XP
  • Tilly Tokens replenish over time, so you'll always have a full stash every couple of hours
  • Play at your own pace! You can continue playing even when you run out of Tilly Tokens, there's always something to do in Text Express
Receiving Tilly Tokens
💡 TIP: Upgrading your letters will also earn you more Tilly Tokens with each upgrade
💡 TIP 2: Watching an ad, or using your diamonds to get the 50% extra score bonus will also increase your Tilly Tokens with 50%