Tasks are essential in making progress in Text Express.
By completing Tasks, you'll help Tilly on her way and get access to special rewards, such as
  • Stories- Follow Tilly and her friends on a magical adventure

  • Train parts- To make that train look just the way you want

  • Coins and Diamonds - Help you out in many ways

  • Hints- For that one annoying word that just doesn't come to mind

  • and more!
Each Task requires a set amount of gems to complete. You can earn these gems by completing levels.

The Task List

After completing the first few Tasks, you'll be able to choose between several Tasks. All of your currently available Tasks are grouped in the Task List.
The Task List
How you'd like to progress is entirely up to you! Some Tasks mix up the gameplay in exciting ways. Be sure to check them all and discover their unique rewards!

💡 Tip:Want to complete Tasks faster?  Try upgrading your letters. Each upgraded letter will significantly boost the amount of gems you can earn from any level.