Once you have completed your Train, it's time to start your adventure and discover the world!
Traveling requires 2 steps:

Step 1: Choose your destination

To travel to another destination, open the map by tapping the Explore button from your Task List.
On the Map, select your destination by tapping the destination icon of your choice.
This will open the Destination Preview. From here you can choose to travel there by pressing the GO button


Step 2: Traveling

Once you start traveling, each Level you complete drives the train forward with the amount of Gems you have earned.
💡 Tip: The train drives further with upgraded letters
💡 Tip 2: Use the Golden Ticket to gain extra Gems and travel further
💡 Tip 3: Use one of the Extra Gems options, such as watching an ad, at the end of a level to boost your train even further

 Bonus Step: FAST TRAVEL!

 Need to get to a destination quickly? Try Fast Travel and exchange coins for miles!

Once unlocked, Fast Travel allows you to blitz from one destination to another, faster than you normally would.  You can choose to Fast Travel there by pressing the "Fast Travel" button. 

💡 Tip: After clicking 'Fast Travel' tap and hold your finger on the screen to fast-forward your Fast Travel!
💡 Tip 2: Double-tapping the screen after clicking 'Fast Travel' lets you get to the destination instantly.