Early on in the game, Letter Upgrades are introduced. With Upgraded Letters your progress will be sped up significantly!

Here's a breakdown of the Letter Upgrade process

  1. Gain Letter XP by making words
    Each time a letter is used in a word - this can be a word used to fill a puzzle or a bonus word - it will gain 1 XP. Letter XP can also be found in Chests and as Daily Deals in the Shop.

  2. Upgrade a letter once it reaches enough XP
    Upgrading a letter requires a certain amount of XP. The higher the upgrade, the more Letter XP is required. For instance, upgrading your first letter requires 10 Letter XP, while upgrading a second time requires 25 Letter XP.

    Once a letter can be upgraded, it requires Coins to upgrade. Like with Letter XP, the higher the upgrade, the more Coins are required.

  3. Reach your goals faster with each upgrade!
    Each letter upgrade adds a significant amount of Gems when you complete a level. Reach your goals faster and travel further and further with each upgrade.