The Vault is an in App purchase, that provides a very high value. The more levels you complete, the more coins you are able to get for the same low purchase price.

The Vault collects Coins for each level that you complete.
  • Each level completed is worth 25 Coins and this is added automatically to the Vault
  • The Vault has a maximum coin capacity of 2500 Coins
  • The Vault that is at its MAX will not be able to collect more Coins from Completed Levels until you decide get the coins inside.
The Vault is locked until it has collected 350 Coins. This is to ensure you will always receive a good deal.

How to collect the Coins in the Vault?
  1. Collect 350 Coins or more
  2. Use the purchase button and complete the steps to get all the Coins inside.
What will happen to the Coins that I collect with a maxed out Vault?
  • With a maxed out Vault, the 25 Coins you earned for completing a level are lost

💡TIP : Maximize the Vault by collecting up to 2500 Coins before making the purchase.