Coins are very valuable and are useful for many things in Text Express. Consider the following tips to make sure you get all the Coins you can.
  1. Fill your Piggy Bank
    Try to find as many Bonus Words as possible and you'll fill your Piggy Bank in no time! Once it's full, break it open and repeat. The Piggy Bank can be opened multiple times a day, so coming back for another go is a great way to maximize your Coins.

  2. Check your Souvenirs
    Collecting Souvenirs is a great way to collect some extra Coins. These levels often allow for many (Bonus) Words to be found, making them great to earn lots of Coins.

  3. Combo-power
    Try to reach the Combo and each Word you find is worth double the Coins. Reach the furthest Combo and each Word is worth Triple the Coins. Combo-power!

  4. Open up some chests - Daily!
    Chest often include a bunch of Coins to find. A free chest is waiting for you every day (once you've unlocked the Daily Shop)