When you first start playing Text Express, you will build a working locomotive to start your adventure. During your progress, you will make decisions on the look of your train as well.

After playing a couple of levels you will gain access to the Train Menu.

The Train Menu will give you access to the Customization Part of your train. Press the Green Tools button to change the look of each Train Part.
  • Access all your collected Train Parts
  • Change any part you like
  • Change as many times as you like
  • Collect more Train Parts and make a Train as uniquely as you
Train Parts can be collected in several ways, such as completing certain activities, progressing through certain parts of the story or by progressing the "Search the Yard" Souvenir activity once it becomes available.

💡 TIP: Train Part rewards will always come in Train Part Boxes, so keep an eye out for them

💡 TIP2: Occasionally, Train Parts can also be found in the shop