The Coins you receive for making Bonus Words are saved in the Piggy Bank.
  • Each Bonus Word is worth 1 Coin and this is added automatically to the Piggy Bank
  • The Piggy Bank has a maximum coin capacity of 150 Coins
  • A Piggy Bank that is at its MAX will not be able to collect more Coins from Bonus Words until you decide open it.
There are 2 ways to open the Piggy Bank and claim what is inside:
  1. Simply wait for the timer to reach 0:00:00. Open the Piggy Bank and claim your Coins.
  2. Open it immediately with some Diamonds
The Piggy Bank will keep your Coins safe until you decide to open it. After you opened it and claimed the Coins that were inside a new Piggy Bank will become available as soon as you make another Bonus Word.
💡TIP : Open your Piggy Bank open whenever you can! This maximizes the amount of Coins you can earn for finding Bonus Words.