Oh no, are you feeling left out of the decor party? Don't worry, you're not alone! The reason you can't see the decorations is because you already own them. To keep things fresh and exciting, the game developers decided to swap out the decorations for awesome rewards this time around.

How did I get the decorations in the first place?

You lucky duck, you! This season is a repeat from a previous year, and if you played during that time and snagged the decorations, they're still yours to keep. It's like getting to wear the same party dress to two different shindigs - you already own it, so why not show it off again?

How can I show off my seasonal decor?

To freshen up your Bed & Breakfast with the seasonal decor, tap and hold your finger on the object (such as the B&B roof, the tree next to your B&B, the bridge, etc) you wish to change and select a new style from the available designs. 

Will the seasonal decorations come back again in the future?

It's possible! The game developers might decide to bring back the same decorations, or they might switch things up with new ones. But one thing's for sure - you can always count on the game to have plenty of surprises and fun in store for you. So keep on playing, and who knows what you'll discover next!