Sometimes the pictures that you take on a spur of a moment, later become the most valuable memories. Emily, her family and friends are making their most loved albums available for you to collect and cherish the memorable moments together. Each album will have its own theme, a story and lots of rewards! It'll be up to you to collect all the photo fragments and reveal the memory before the time runs out. There will be delicious rewards for every completed picture, but only those that complete an entire photo album will win the biggest reward.
What are the photo fragments?
Every picture consists of multiple photo fragments. Collect them all to reveal the entire picture and the memory it entails.
How do I get photo fragments?
You earn a pack if you win a match-3 puzzle level on your first try.  Every pack contains 3 photo fragments of the active photo album event. You can receive both new as well as already collected photo fragments when opening a pack. Not to worry, any duplicate photo fragments will be converted to in-game coins so you will be rewarded in any case.
Additionally, you can buy packs with in-game coins and diamonds in the Packs Shop. You can also watch an ad and get a unique photo fragment as a reward.
Where can I find the Packs Shop?
The Packs Shop can be accessed only when the photo album event is active in just two taps:
  1. Tap on the camera icon in the world to open the photo album event.
  2. Tap on the 3 packs icon on the lower right corner.