Depending on the level you're at, you will be able to select some or all of the following boosters while playing a level:

💠Garden Shears: This handy garden tool will cut away 1 tile, without spending a move and can be selected at anytime throughout a level! Simply select the shears, then the tile you wish to apply them to.

💠Rake: Too many obstacles on the way? No problem, with a rake, you can clear an entire column and a row with just one tap. Simply select the rake at anytime throughout a Match-3 level, then the tile which will be the middle point of a column and a row to be removed.

💠Gardening Glove: Don't get your hands dirty! Use a handy gardening glove to swap two adjacent pieces at anytime throughout a Match-3 level. Simply select the glove, then the item you wish to move.

To use these explosive boosters, tap on the booster and select a tile where you want to use its power. You can use all of these boosters in a single level. If you have 2 of the same scrumptious boosters, only 1 will be used when selected. You can always buy more boosters using in-game coins if you ever run out.