Do you want to delete all of your personal data in Delicious Bed & Breakfast?

1. In the game tap ⚙️ (Settings) in the top right corner.
2. Choose ℹ️ > "Delete Data".
Be aware that all of your purchases, current progress, subscriber-benefits, and any other information related to Delicious Bed & Breakfast will be permanently LOST!
3. Type "12345" in order to confirm you want to delete your data in Delicious Bed & Breakfast.
Be aware that this process is irreversible and can't be undone!
4. Tap "Confirm". It can take up to 30 days for all the data to be deleted.

Manage your personal information and ad preferences for third-parties/ platforms:

Some of our partners permit you to directly use their privacy settings to manage your personal information and ad preferences. Please see below to change your preferences:

You can also reset your advertising ID on your Android device to stop seeing personalized ads and see random ads instead:

1. Swipe down from the top of your screen once or twice to bring down your device menu. Tap ⚙️ to open the Settings menu.
2. Scroll down and select the Google Settings/ Google Services & preferences
3. Tap "Ads"
4. Tap "Reset advertising ID"
5. Select OK to confirm