If your Facebook friends suddenly disappeared from your game, please try the following to get them back:

Disconnect and reconnect to Facebook in the game:
1. In the game, tap ⚙ (Settings) in the upper right corner next to the 💎 (Diamonds).
2. Under the Settings tab, tap "FB Disconnect".
3. Then tap "FB Connect" again to reconnect to the game.

Activate Delicious Bed & Breakfast permissions in your Facebook app:
1. In the Facebook app, tap ≡ (Menu) on the top right corner.

2. Scroll down and tap Settings & Privacy.

3. Tap Settings under the Settings & Privacy tab.

4. Tap "Apps and Websites" under Permissions.

5. Locate and tap "Delicious Bed & Breakfast".

6. Ensure that the Facebook status is "Active". If not, tap "Renew'.

7. Make sure that you're sharing your "Friends list" with Delicious Bed & Breakfast. Do not remove this option if you want to see your friends in the game!