Stuck on a difficult level? 😵 Check out these tips:
  • Focus on achieving the level goal. 🎯 For example, if you need to collect oranges by growing them first, make matches next to the orange trees and ignore the other obstacles if possible.
  • Make matches of 4 or more to create power-ups. 💣 Swapping power-ups with each other will fill up the firefly, who flies onto the board, faster.
  • Try to match ingredients on the bottom of the board rather than on the top.
  • Swap two fireflies with each other to clear out the entire board! 🐞🐞
  • Visit your Bed & Breakfast every day to open your Daily Reward. 🎁
  • Don't forget to check-in your visitors in the Guestbook 🛎️ to earn some extra coins and other rewards.
  • Use boosters only when you really need them.
  • Join Delicious Bed & Breakfast Community in Facebook to get tips and tricks from fellow Bed & Breakfast owners.