If your game progress is no longer appearing then don't worry: it should be possible to restore it, one way or the other. Please go through below steps to see if that helps.

Ensure you are connected to Facebook in the game:
  • Open "Settings" in the game by tapping the cog wheel (⚙️)
  • If you see the option "Disconnect", you are connected
  • If you see the option "Connect", tap it and follow the steps to connect to the same Facebook account you used before.
Once you see the option "Disconnect", check if your progress is restored.

If your progress is still not visible, the connected Facebook account could be different from the one that stores your progress. If you suspect this could be the case, open Facebook.com in a browser on your device, log out of the current account and log in with the other account.

If you are sure that the game is not saved on a different Facebook account, please contact us so we can have a look. 😊