Locked crates will trap your ingredients and block other ingredients from moving freely! The only way to unlock the crates is, well, with *keys* of course!
  • Locked crate: You only need 1 key to unlock these crates. Find keys on the board and match them with the same color to collect them and unlock the crates!
  • Locked crate with metal edges: These crates are a little trickier to unlock as you'll need 2 keys to fully unlock them. When you collect 1 key, this will remove the metal edges. Collect another key to unlock the crate and free your ingredient!
  • Metal locked crate: These crates are very safely guarded and require 3 keys to be unlocked. The first key will remove the metal coat and the second key will get rid of the metal edges. Now you just need 1 more key to reveal the tasty ingredient.